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The Westinghouse HDTV

Quite a few companies are now making HDTVs which has contributed to the low price of HDTVs lately. The question though is whether or not these new comers to the HDTVs make good quality products. One such new manufacturers is Westinghouse.

Although they have been around for a while manufacturing home appliances, they are relatively new to HDTVs. The question is do they manufacture quality HDTVs? It is expedient to find out how other people feel about their Westinghouse HDTVs before you invest in one. Below are a few online reviews from people who have bought a Westinghouse HDTV Westinghouse HDTV Model No. LTV-32w1 This especial Westinghouse HDTV make got a combined appraisal of four stars out of five from 17 differentiated reporters. It got accolades for the best picture but didn't do so good with how easy it is to operate as well bad sound quality.

One consumer who rated this model with five stars commented the remote was of inferior quality. He found the best deal on this model at Best Buy, for $400 less than the same brand at Circuit City. Like several HDTV buyers, this customer was replacing an old analog tube television set, so it's quite normal that he was amazed by the picture quality due to the fact that this was his first experience with an HDTV picture in his home. Westinghouse HDTV Model No. LTV-32w3 This Westinghouse HDTV make has comes with a trade mark of Westinghouse known as SpineDesign that houses the inputs.

It has ATSC high definition tuner, ARSC and NTSC (standard definition) tuners blending on channel list for better viewing, and a new chassis design. This make was rated extremely high by customers for its value, features and how easy it is to operate. It has an incredible picture, with a resolution of 1366768 and a 60,000 hour estimated lamp life. The most unique feature about this model, according to users, is the "Spine Design" input layout that has inputs on the sides of the model, making it easy to connect components. Users of who mount their HDTVs on the wall who ocassionally face problems looking for the jacks behind their units with flashlights and mirrors will love the ability to just hook up their component on the sides of the TV.

Model LTV-32w6 Westinghouse HDTV This brand is already fitted with an integrated HDTV tuner which allows for the reception of local HDTV channel broadcasts. A particular customer awardwed this Westinghouse HDTV a great score for awesome quality, specs, user friendliness, and ease of set up. Another one also said he had no difficulties whatsoever with this product. Over all, this model was given 4.2 out of five stars from 20 different consumers. Hopefully this has given you some insight into the world of Westinghouse's HDTVs and will aid you in your decision to buy this brand.

Always remember that you get what you pay for but some times you can get some real good HDTVs at rock buttom prices if you research to ensure their quality.

Before buying any HDTV, make sure you check George Kissi's excellent free report on the best HDTVs. be certain to also check out this report about Westinghouse HDTV before buying an expensive brand name HDTV

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