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Slots Glossary

To sound like a pro it is important to learn some basic slot terminology. The following list will help you get started, and maybe teach you a thing or two! Bet One - this is an option which is only found on slot machine online. It shows that the player only wants to wager a single credit for a spin.

Bonus Feature - this gives the player the chance to win more money through a bonus game. It is usually activated by a special combination which will be clearly displayed on the machine. Carousel - this is the name given to a group of slot machines. Cashout Button - the magic button which asks for your winnings; in online casinos it will send the amount to your bankroll.

Coin Size - this is an important part of playing the slot machine. If you bet too much you will lose lots of money quickly. The coin size is the amount wagered per spin. Credit amount - this shows the player how many reel spins they still have left. Credit Button - this button will transform your winnings into credits; how very convenient! Five Reel Slots - online slots with five reels of symbols on which to get a winning combination.

Jackpot - the biggest possible payout for each slot machine. Maximum Bet - press Bet Max to bet the largest amount possible on a single spin. Minimum Bet - press Bet One to bet the minimum amount on a single spin. Multi-line Slot - a common slot which has several payout lines. Progressive Jackpot - a special bonus amount that increases as players bet into the pot. The amount shown is the amount won when the necessary combination is hit.

Players must bet the maximum number of coins to secure the full jackpot amount. Progressive Slots -slot machines that share a progressive jackpot. Pay Line - the winning combinations on any line on the reel of the slot machine.

Payout Percentage - details the amount of money paid out to players of that machine, written in percentage format. Pay Table - this shows the information about winning combinations and how much they pay. Random Number Generator - the cheat proof software used by online casinos to generate their results on all casino games, including slots.

Reels - the spinning wheels on the machine that displays symbols which make up the winning or losing combinations. Seed - the predetermined starting amount of any progressive slot jackpot. Once the jackpot amount has been won, the amount returns to the seed.

Symbols - the pictures seen on the slot reels. Wild - a symbol that is used to substitute any other symbol that will make the best possible combination.

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Slots Glossary - To sound like a pro it is important to learn some basic slot terminology.

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