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Positive Mental Attitude

Even up to recently the night before any exam my dad would, without fail, tell me, "oh well, think positively and you'll do fine". I always wanted to scream back at him that positive thinking wasn't going to tell me what dates the 3rd crusade were, or who built the Parthenon. Imagine how shocked I was then when I recently read a blackjack tutorial that talked about positive mental attitude. Unlike my dad's version of 'think positively' which equated to 'chin up dear, it'll be alright on the night', the definition of positive mental attitude in blackjack applies to the serious card counting or strategy following player, and is compulsory for his success.

For the serious blackjack contender, the player must maintain a 'positive mental attitude' irrelevant of how he is doing on the tables. It is very important, or so this tutorial claimed, to maintain an entirely unemotional approach whilst playing at a casino. Apparently, if emotions are bought to the table you will get frustrated, excited, lose concentration, lose will power, or be affected by one of numerous other consequences that will ultimately result in your downfall and destitution. I think that this might be a little serious, but it does stand to reason that if you are affected by your results, whether good or bad, you can no longer play in the calculated mathematical manner in which you must to obtain an overall winning balance. In other words, for the table player, a positive mental attitude is advantageous because it is precisely this that will stop him from giving up when he's down, or going on a spending binge when he's up.

The man giving the tutorial claims that he actually looses 35% of the time, but because he is a card counter he is able to exact a 14% advantage over the casino meaning that he does in fact make money on each hand he plays; and it is from this that he takes solace during his 35% of the time loosing streak! No practical advice was given in this tutorial on how to reach this Zen like state of indifference regarding an activity that you are choosing to partake in. Concentration is obviously important, as is steadfast determination; it might be an idea to start on smaller tables and free play games in order to develop the ability not to care or get involved emotionally in the activities of the table or indeed your funds. Frankly, I'm not sure that I don't prefer my dad's version of positive thinking; this blackjack version seems more lobotomized mental attitude than positive mental attitude, but I guess if you're in for the win and not for the fun, it's a good general philosophy to adopt.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. Play online casino games at the top online casino!

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Positive Mental Attitude - Even up to recently the night before any exam my dad would, without fail, tell me, ?oh well, think positively and you'll do fine?.


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