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The Roman King is Ruling in the Party

Most of the youngsters are very fascinated by the rich culture and customs of Roman. They are also well-acquainted with Roman history. Roman Party is the way through which they can fulfill their dreams and passions for Roman Culture. Let us find out how.

At the close of the meal the Roman custom of freeing the slaves for the day and crowning one of them King was observed, only in this case the slaves were all girls, so the Lords crowned a Queen. Immediately the ex-slave Queen ordered all the Lords to Hades to receive judgment for the way they had bossed the slaves during dinner. Each Lord chose an ex-slave lady to accompany him. To reach Hades it was necessary, of course, for each one to cross the river Styx which was well guarded, according to Roman mythology, by Cerberus, the three-headed dog.

The river Styx was a strip of floor covered solidly with twigs and sticks. Three boys under one blanket, except for their heads, impersonated the dog. The three heads made considerable noise with their barking. When all had crossed the dangerous river each victim paid obeisance to Pluto, king of the underworld. Then each Lord or Lady appeared before three judges to plead his or her cause. The three judges were chosen from the erstwhile slaves.

If the judges decided that the prisoner's lordly manner at dinner was natural and not acquired, he was sent to the Elysian fields. But alas and alack, few were found to be without fault, and the guilty were promptly condemned to Hades. They were, however, given a chance to redeem themselves.

Each was ordered to do a stunt which would meet the approval of Pluto. One husky baritone was required to sing a Roman song. He racked his brain and those of his teen-age companions long and hard before they remembered that the familiar "Adeste Fideles" was of Roman origin. Two stalwart fellows were blindfolded and had to join their right hands.

In each left hand was placed a rolled newspaper. These men were right-handed. They were then told to take turns swatting each other. The first would ask, "Are you there, Caesar?" Caesar, of course, would answer "No," and immediately duck to avoid the wild swing of his blindfolded partner.

When each had landed five swats he was considered chaste enough to enter the Elysian Fields. Caesar and his pal had the crowd in gales of laughter before the stunt was over. When all the Lords and partners had worked their way out of Hades they insisted that the Queen had overstepped her privileges and must work her way to the Elysian Fields.

After much raillery she submitted to their demands. She was seated in a chair and blindfolded. One of the Lords handed her a potato and asked her what it was. After feeling it over carefully she named it. Then she was given a cup which she also named correctly.

After that came an egg. The second she said "egg," another Lord cracked an egg on her hair. The howling queen was horrified at a raw egg being broken over her head. She was much relieved to discover that the egg had previously been blown out and partly filled with water and that she was now restored to the Elysian Fields. At the conclusion of the evening, after all the criminals had been released from Hades and all the slaves given their freedom, the teen-age Lords and Ladies agreed that Roman parties were fun and very different.

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