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Some Things People May Lie About In Online Dating

We have all seen commercials on TV advertising different online dating services, and we all know that the online dating industry is big business. However, there are many things people lie about in their online dating profile. In this article we will discuss some of those things and why people lie about them. Over the years I have been a member of many different dating services on the net, and I have learnt the importance of honesty.

Honesty is very important because if you have been chatting with someone via online dating, and you have lied about something in your profile or your email and the person finds out, they may never believe anything you say from that moment on because you have been dishonest with them. Here are some of the things people will often lie about in their profile. People often lie about their relationship status, a married person may state that they are single in their profile.

Sometimes people are happily married but they are looking for an extramarital relationship on the side so they will lie about their marital status. Sometimes people may be unhappy or lonely in a marriage so they will list themselves as being single in an effort to attract single people. Many people will lie about their age, people usually do this because they are trying to attract someone from a different age group than their own. A person who is 50 years old may say they are 35 years old or vice versa. Weight and height is something that many people may lie about, a man may lie about his height because he believes that all women are attracted to tall guys. While the ladies who are overweight will lie about their height and weight because they believe that all men are attracted to slim women.

Money is one of the most common things people will lie about, many people will lie about their yearly income. There are certain people who use wealth as a measurement for success in our society. These people usually lie about their income because they believe that many people will overlook their profile because they are not wealthy. Many people lie about what type of car they drive, these people are very materialistic they believe their success is measured by the assets that they have amassed with their money.

A person who owns a Volkswagen may say that they drive a Corvette because they believe a Corvette will appeal to more people. Regardless of what you look like, how much money you make, or what type of car you drive, you must remember that there is a perfect match for you somewhere out there. The only way to find your perfect match is by being completely honest, because lying will only lead to disappointment and resentment.

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