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Online Poker Cheating On The Rise

The most important factor for the success of online poker and gaming is security. People must feel that the gaming site is fair, has good fraud measures, pays out deposit requests, and most importantly detects and prevents cheating. Take NO limit hold'em for example. One form of cheating is what is called collusion.

This is when two or more players at the same table share information about their hands. This can be very powerful for a number of reasons. They can gang up on players by raising and re-raising. With the proper circumstances, they can push players out of pots and bluff, and taunt, and more.

It is definitely easier said than done to pull this off profitably. Some of the online poker sites report several cases of this every day. Most of these colluders use the phone with each other, or just use an instant messaging type of service.

This is where it becomes hard to pull off. There is a lot more information to gather, communicate, and act on. Online poker moves very fast and there is little time to react. If the table moves to slow, the other players could eventually become suspicious. Now, let's talk about a realistic form of collusion that everyone needs to be aware of and watch out for. If done correctly, this form of cheating is very hard to detect from most online poker rooms.

Poker Stars for instance, could block this form of cheating by taking a few extra steps in their security measures, but they haven't to date. Most poker room security measures consist of tracking the players i.p. addresses.

If the same i.p. addresses show up at the same poker tables often enough, the online poker room will know that something is going on. They track this sort of information and definitely take action.

They spend more time tracking this though at the higher limit tables. But, if you have the ability to change your i.p. address, here's what could be done. As a matter of fact, this is what is being done. People get an i.

p. changer software and open up four or five accounts at an online poker room. Each time they login and or signup they always have a different i.p. address. Once that is done, they slowly shift all four or five players into a 6 player table game.

Can you imagine what you could do to somebody if you were five of the six players at the table? This can be done by one person, not four or five. This means there is no communication lag, because there is only one colluder, not multiple colluders. With a little bit of practice, it shouldn't be hard to realize what's possible. You could have information on ten hole cards, not two. You would know how to adjust the odds for straight and flush draws.

You would know if the other two cards for your pocket pair are possibly already dead. You would know a lot. This is outright cheating, but it doesn't stop everyone.

When playing online poker on any poker room, look out for these poker cheats. I would personally never play at a six player table game online knowing this happens. Look out for the poker stars cheats, because with millions of players, there's bound to be some out there.

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