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How You Use the Internet to Help Children with Donations

The internet can be a very powerful tool for helping charities to raise donations to help children who are impoverished. The problem is that there are many, many charities out there looking to take advantage of a person's good will. There are good charities out there; you just may have to do a little research to find them. Several websites are available to help weed out the scammers. There are also some guidelines to follow when deciding which charity for children you want to give a donation to.

As a rule, only give donations to charities that you are familiar with. If the charity that you are looking at is unfamiliar to you, check them out with your state or local government offices. The Better Business Bureau has a division called the Wise Giving Alliance that offers a wealth of information about many charities nationwide.

You should be leery of anyone who e-mails you asking for a donation. If you have not asked for a solicitation, there is a good chance it is fraudulent. Many fraudulent charities will use a name that is so close to a legitimate charity's name that most people will not notice it. Explore the financial records of any charity that asks you to donate. Look to see where the money really goes and what percentage of every dollar you donate goes to the expenses other than the children themselves. One of the worst times for charity scams is following a tragedy or natural disaster.

Beware of solicitations during this time. You should give, because these are the times the donations are needed most; however, you need to be extra careful about where your money is going. The internet has many good qualities and can be very useful when soliciting donations that are meant to help children.

When used responsibly, large amounts of money can be raised. The internet can also be very useful to those looking to make a donation. There are studies that show, however, that most people do not use the internet to its fullest when researching the charities. Most people who give $10 here and $20 there give solely based on their recognition of a name and what group they think that charity represents.

It is not until donations reach higher dollar figures that people really start to question where their money is going. The majority of donors do not look at dollars spent and where they go; they are, subconsciously, interested only in the emotional pats on the back they can give themselves at the end of the year for any donation made to charities that help children. The solution to this passivity is for the groups watching over the charities to make themselves more visible to the donors. They need to concentrate on holidays and other times when giving is most prominent and find a way to let people know they exist. They need to find a way to stress the importance of researching charities via the internet before making donations to charities that help children or other impoverished groups.

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