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Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas for A New Dad

Baby showers are such wonderful events. Welcoming the life of a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion. In the last 5 or so years these have become more and more popular.

Baby showers can range from the very traditional to the very fun and wild. In recent years as baby shower have grown in popularity men have started joining in the fun. This has opened many new areas in baby shower planning and organization.

One area that is brand new is a gift for the dad to be. Traditional baby shower gifts were mostly for the baby and occasional things that the mom might need once the baby is born. However people are realizing the important role that a dad will play in the future of the baby. It is therefore a very thoughtful gesture to get a baby shower gift for the dad.

Since this is new for many people it can be difficult to find the right gift. By reading some of the ideas and guideline below the process will be quick and easy. This article will provide some ideas and suggestions on baby shower gifts for daddy.

So there are really two types of baby shower gifts for daddy and they can be grouped into the kind of fun silly category or into a serious category. Fun and Silly baby shower gift for dad 1. A diaper Tool belt - This is a fun gift that is sure to get a lot of laughs and become very useful. Typically it is filled with a combination of items found at a hardware store and a baby store. For example you will want to find a tool belt, dust or painting mask, goggles, and some rags. Then throw in some baby wipes, baby powder, diapers and diaper rash cream.

2. T-shirts - If you look online it is easy to find fun t-shirts that would make a great baby shower gift for dad. T-shirts with cute sayings like "Cool Daddy" or other such fun things 3. Aprons - This gift follows along the lines as the diaper tool belt from above.

Simple get a fun apron and either decorate it or buy one already decorated and stuff it full of item to change diaper with. Serious or Classy gifts 1. There is always the cigar - This one is of course the classic that we all have a image of. A nice box of fancy imported cigars for the new daddy to smoke with his friends would be a wonderful gift! It gives a chance for the guys to be guys and go outside by the barbecue and smoke while cooking a great steak.

There are not too many men that would turn down that opportunity! 2. Golf balls and Tee - Purchasing golf balls with a nice inscription on them makes a very classy gift that the new dad will be proud to show off at the golf course. 3.

A baby autographed baseball kit - This is a fun yet classy one. It contains a baseball, some special ink and a babies hand. If the baby is not born yet then wrap everything up and call it the autograph kit. If the baby is already born then go ahead and make a hand print using ink right on the ball.

You can even buy special a holder for autographed baseballs. 4. A manly diaper bag or baby carrier - It is common today to see a new father carrying a pink diaper bag with flowers out in public.

This happen just out of necessity and kindness. As the mother has her hands full with the baby the dad pitches in and helps by carrying the diaper bag. So a fun gift can be a manlier version of a diaper bag. For example a camouflage diaper bag or even one that is a simple black.

Also baby carriers are becoming more and more common as a great way to transport a baby at theme parks, and super markets alike. Instead of purchasing one with lots of flowers and feminine theme purchase a unique one for dad. He can even have a carry all his own! These are just a few simple ideas but if you search online and spend some time thinking about the dad to be it is easy to come up with a bunch of fun baby shower gifts for dad. These can both lighten the mood and really include the guys in the whole baby shower. A baby shower gift for dad is a great way to not only welcome the baby but welcome the whole family!.

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