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Enjoying Deuces Wild Video Poker Machines

One of my favorite variations of traditional video poker is deuces wild. In this great alteration of the original, the deuces are like "jokers" and can become any card you want. Speaking of jokers, Jokers Wild is another version of video poker. It's my second favorite.

The payouts are pretty much the same, but there are some differences. Since there are four deuces in the deck, the minimum payout is on three of a kind hands. Jacks or better don't apply here.

The strategy for playing deuces wild are different than traditional video poker as you can see. One major difference is that there are two royal flushes. The first one is the traditional one and it pays the best. The second one uses one or more deuces to complete it and that pays not too much.

Why? Well, since there are four deuces, getting a royal flush with one of them is a snap. You'll get 100 or more easy before getting a "real" royal flush. The payback on deuces wild machines tend to be very good. 98%+ with optimal play is a reality. As always, check the payback percent of any deuces wild machine before playing. The payback percent varies from machine to machine even in the same casino.

It's not uncommon for a 100% payback machine to be positioned right next to a 94% payback machine. And it varies in the online casino world as well. Deuces wild machines function the same way as all video poker machines.

You can play one or more coins per hand. And as always, you want to max out your coins. If you don't, you'll lose a fortune when you hit the big hand. Once the cards are dealt, hold what you want by hitting the hold button and then hit the deal button for your new cards. After this, the hand is complete and you're paid if warranted. Pretty simple stuff and you already know this if you've played any video poker before.

Deuces wild, just like any "wild" video poker game, has more payout points than traditional video poker. The three extra payout points are: royal flush with a deuce, five of a kind, and four deuces. Payout on the five of a kind is usually about 75 coins for a 5-coin bet. It varies, so check your machine. The four deuces is the big hand, just under a real royal flush.

The payout varies by machine, but you're usually looking at 200 coins per coin bet on this hand, which is just under the 250 coins paid for a real royal. Some machines offer progressive payouts too. I've even seen machines paying 500 coins per coin bet too. In the end, I recommend trying out all types of video poker to find your love. Deuces wild is a great place to start.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. Play online casino games at the top online casino!

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