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  1. No cotton please, it dries very slowly and holds moisture next to your skin.
  2. Go to the bathing suit dept. for hiking shorts. Columbia makes water shorts with a built in liner (no underwear needed), which are very water repellent and dry very quickly.
  3. If you have problems with thigh chafing, you may want to choose Lykra shorts which are tight around the thigh thus preventing the problem.
  4. In winter, the tried and true layering system applies here. I like a thin smartwool base, a middle insulating layer, and an outer water repellent, breathable shell.
  5. Your clothing should always be in a waterproof bag such as the 10 X 21 Silnylon stuff sack from Equinox.
  6. Wash your clothing as often as possible, clean clothes feel better and wear better. They are also warmer as the accumulated oils in dirty clothing reduce their loft and conduct heat away from the body.
  7. While hiking keep a bandana wrapped around one of your front straps where it is immediately available.
  8. Summer Hat: wear a broad rimmed hat with a strap like the Tilly, or Ultimate Hat. Gives us glasses wearers better protection from blowing rain and sun protection all the way around for everyone.
  9. For a clothes line twist a double rope before tying between trees. The twists will hold your clothes like clothes pins.
  10. Here is a choice for you to make. One argument goes; wear dark clothing because it dries faster, another says wear light clothing because it is less attractive to bugs. For me, the argument for light colors has won this argument. If hiking in tick country, definitely go with light colored clothing because it is easier to spot these critters. Dry it quickly by laying on dark colored rocks in the sun.
  11. Be sure to tighten the tiny connecting screws on your glasses before leaving home. You can also apply Locktite Threadlocker to prevent the screws from working loose.
  12. See Clothing on the notes page for more specific information about what I take for three season hiking.

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